What does that entail, "Walking in Love”?  We are not talking about romantic love, or even brotherly love, rather agape love. As the Greeks had three words to distinguish love, Christ calls us to have an attitude marked by selfless love for others. 

So when the rubber meets the road and we are making our way through our normal routines of life, how is God's love seen in us, or is it?  Are we quick to share? Are we known for listening and demonstrating compassion? Do we find ways to serve others?  Do we allow conversations to be about the other person we are speaking to instead of directing the subject back on ourselves? There are so many seemingly small ways that can demonstrate God's love, without us ever doing anything major. It is those consistent selfless acts of love that can often yield the greatest impact, if we allow God's Spirit to be seen in and through us.

Consider this week how you can love those along your daily path and join us this Sunday at 5pm as we discuss our 4th Core Value: Loving Everyone Else. 


What is your perception of church? Have you had bad experiences or good? What words helped describe your view of the church: Fun, Boring, Lively, Amazing, Judgmental, Vibrant, Long, Active, Irrelevant...? If you fill in the blank for your understanding - what would you say? 

While we all have different understandings of the church and its role, no doubt based on our past experience and upbringing, the real question remains: "What is the Church meant to be like?" Join us this Sunday as we explore that question. We meet every Sunday evening at 5pm and hope you can join us!


We like people who like us. Have you ever thought about that?  When you are unsure of a person (let's call him Joe for example) and then someone comes and says to you, "I was speaking with Joe and he told me how amazing he thinks you are and believes you are a true leader."

What do you feel as you consider Joe?  Wow, I really like Joe - he is a good guy.  Now imagine the opposite is true. You run into that same person, but instead they say, "I saw Joe yesterday and he said that you are a real idiot and that he does not believe in you."  Let those words sink in.  Now how do you feel about Joe?  Do you have a feeling of love for Joe or are you like the majority of humanity who would most likely respond with feelings of dislike for Joe. We live in a world that operates just like that.  

The previous Sunday we considered what it means to Love God - our numero uno Core Value and the Greatest Command (Matt. 22:38).  This Sunday we will be considering community, dealing with the second Greatest Command; and our second Core Value: love each other. Jesus' standard for love was to love others the way that we desire to be loved. Wouldn't that entail liking people, as we desire to be liked? It is amazing that we all want to be liked and yet I wonder why we don't always want to do the same in return. I hope you are able to join us this Sunday at 5pm. - Will


During the month of September we are reviewing our core values, while at the same time, doing our best to seek God in the process.  This past Sunday we made the decision to take the 30-Day challenge.  "Just what does that entail?" I'm glad you asked! My trainer in Young Life (Chuck Reinhold - featured with his wife Linda) use to give us this challenge when I was a trainee with Young Life, in order to help us grow in our faith and relationship with Jesus.

If you accept the challenge, you are agreeing to do your best to spend 30 straight days carving out time each day to read your Bible and to talk and listen to God.  In addition to reading & praying, keep a pen and journal handy, ready to capture any ideas that God brings to your mind in the process.  Be sure to write down any idea or prayer concerns so that you can look back later as a reminder of God's faithfulness. 

Lastly, invite another person or persons to hold you accountable and take the challenge as well. If either person misses a day, you agree to start over again and continue on that plan until you two can both spend a month of daily time with God, without missing a day.  You do not need to be together to do this challenge and you can both choose different things to read in the Bible, so the plan has flexibility.