Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel and quitting on something or someone?  Life is not easy and it can be tempting to call it quits some times. The Apostle Paul faced trial after trial, with severe adversity, and yet he carried on.  He often mentioned being led by God's Spirit, followed by his willingness to press on.  How are we doing when it comes to listening to God's Spirit and following Him, regardless of the direction?  We serve the Living God, who not only has the wisdom to lead us, but the power to strengthen us when life gets difficult.  Let's lean into Him this week. (Join us in reading along in our study of the Book of Acts: Chapters 21 - 24).


This week as we carry on our study of Acts, we continue to hear about more miracles. As Peter boldly proclaims to others the truth about Jesus Christ, he is locked up for doing so.  After a brief time in jail, an angel shows up on the scene, and helps Peter escape from this Roman prison (Acts 12:1-19).  Peter simply returns to what he was doing before he was locked up.  Imagine the surprise of those who locked him up when they came to realize that he was back on the streets, and that chains and bars could not bring an end to their desire to silence the truth concerning Jesus.

As you read this weeks chapters found in Acts 10 - 13, take some time to consider if there is anything that holds you back from allowing the truth of Jesus to be seen in your life.  Are there any chains that hold you back from truly experiencing Jesus today?  What would it mean to trust God's Spirit as these early followers did?  I am challenged as I continue to read about those who stepped out in faith on a daily basis and saw God show up as a result.